About Us

We are Solillas and this is our official Outlet store where we sell heavily discounted products.

We manufacture a variety of footwear and lifestyle products. Along the way, we have pairs of shoes that don't quite make the cut for our main website for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They are a style from a previous season that we have discontinued.
  • They were created as samples as part of our creative design process and didn't go into full production.
  • They didn't quite make it through our production process perfectly and have cosmetic imperfections or blemishes
  • They have been on display in our retail outlets or in our press showroom are have minor markings.
  • They have been worn by a model on a photoshoot for a short period of time.

None of the products available for sale on this website are defective, faulty or damaged beyond cosmetic imperfections. We ensure that these imperfections are described and photographed for each product so you know exactly what you are buying. Please take these imperfections into consideration when purchasing.

Grab a bargain, or maybe even a one-off design, and remember we usually only have one of each pair available so get them while you can.